New Installations

Need a new HVAC or refrigeration system for your business?

Need a new walk-in cooler / freezer / beer cave?

Sometimes a new install becomes a necessity. You're opening a new gas stations and you need a beer cave, or your old box is falling apart from old age. Laponica Refrigeration has years of experience in building walk-ins from Grand Isle to Birmingham and we can help you purchase a new or used box, or install a box you already have.

Hotel, Restaurant Industry, Seafood processing plants, Gas stations, etc. Over the years we have built up a large number of connections with the biggest of walk-in manufacturers. From something as small as a pizza place to something as big as a warehouse Laponica has done it before.

If you need a box purchased or installed call us @ 504-273-4013 and let us get you a custom quote fitted for your needs that's at a fair market value.